Terracotta Pot Painting


Terracotta Pot Painting is the perfect workshop for getting the whole family. Take a seat and grab a plant pot to paint as you wish.

If you’re struggling for ideas, inspiration cards will be available at the craft tables to help guide your creation. However, please do bring your own designs as we’d love to see them!

This is a very mindful and relaxing workshop so please allow yourself a moment’s peace and take that paint brush for a walk…

Aprons will be provided for painting and everyone will receive a paper bag to take their plant home.

The Terracotta Pot Painting workshop is a drop-in workshop with no reservation required. Please gather your friends, family and colleagues and grab a seat at the workshop to begin your painting session. 

The workshop will be located on Titchborne Row from 12 - 6pm on Saturday 11th June.

Hope to see you there!


Terracotta Pot Painting is the perfect workshop for all creative levelsWith an colourful array of acrylic paint, gold and silver foils and various sized brushes, you’re able to be as creative as you wish.