Woof Woof

You know they say owners look like their dogs, well... now you can too!

On Saturday 30 March we held a free event taking place from 11am - 3pm, at Connaught Village Studio, 3 Porchester Place, where you could pamper yourself and your beloved pooch at the same time.

Connaught Village is renowned for being one of London’s most dog-friendly villages and this popular canine-loving community is happy to host man’s best friend in any of its boutiques.

The event was sponsored by local café, Saint Aymes, guests received a bespoke biscuit and a treat for your furry friend.

Our village’s hair experts, Fé Hair and Beauty were on hand to pamper you with complimentary hair styling whilst your pet is being treated by a professional London dog groomer at the same time. You could also get your hands on an exclusive Connaught Village tote bag, with proceeds going towards Cosmic Charity, who support the children’s intensive care unit at St Mary’s Hospital in London by helping patients and their families. If that wasn’t enough, you could pass by Hyde Park Vets, where they were be showcasing premium clothes, accessories and treats to spoil your pet.

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You know they say that some owners look like their dogs?
On Saturday 30 March you are invited to a FREE event sponsored by renowned local café Saint Aymes, taking place from 11am - 3pm, at Connaught Village Studio3 Porchester Place, where you can be styled to look like your dog!

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