Lucy Choi: The Brain Behind The Beauty

We sit down for a catch up with shoe designer and entrepreneur, Lucy Choi, to talk inspiration, heritage, future plans and more. Find out what makes the designer tick, who inspires her and how she relaxes in Connaught Village. 

1) Who is your biggest inspiration in the fashion industry?

Karl Lagerfeld, he is an inspiration and is still creative director of two successful brands and his own label. He has wisdom and expertise and is still so current in the fashion world today. Of course, my uncle Jimmy (Choo) has always been a personal inspiration to me throughout my life and I have been fortunate to have grown up with beautifully crafted shoes. 

2) What do you think sets your brand apart from other luxury shoe designers?

My quirky designs, one-off styles that we do not repeat each season and an affordable price point. The main ethos of my brand is comfort, craftsmanship and character. That is what makes my brand unique and gives me repeat custom.

3) Where do you get the inspiration for your unique shoe designs?

I love people watching, sitting in coffee shops, or airports are the best places to see peoples different styles and what they like to wear, I draw inspiration from there.

4) What do you do to relax and unwind?


5) What is your favourite pair of shoes from your collections, past and present?

Dormer shoes, they were an exclusive style I designed for the opening of my boutique in 2015. They are the most comfortable shoes, unique in design and can take me anywhere from day to night.

6) What are you most excited about in the upcoming year?

We have some wonderful new lines and also exciting expansion plans….watch this space!

7) What is the hardest lesson you have learned throughout your career?

Not following my gut instinct enough.

8) Where are your favourite places to dine in Connaught Village?

I love the Japanese, Kurobuta, good food in a relaxed atmosphere and Le Pain Quotidien for a coffee in between meetings.

9) Why did you want to open your flagship store in Connaught Village?

I really wanted to open my first boutique in Connaught Village as it has such an exclusive mix of one of a kind independent boutiques, restaurants and galleries. It is a hidden gem, just minutes away from Marble Arch and both tourists and local regulars love that it is a unique destination to shop with more eclectic designs than the high street.

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We sit down for a catch up with shoe designer and entrepreneur, Lucy Choi, to talk inspiration, heritage, future plans and more.