The Insiders Guide: Fé Hair and Beauty

We catch up with Salon owner, Samira to pick her beauty brains and to find out her top beauty tips, beauty background and why she loves Connaught Village...


1) Do you remember the first time you developed an interest in beauty?

I’ve been fascinated with beauty and make up from my teenage years. I’ve always wanted to look and feel my best. I started playing around with eyeliner when I was around 13 years old and I’ve never looked back.

2) Where did your salon name come from?

I had a couple of hours to come up with the name for the salon. I studied Spanish A-level at school so decided to have a flick through my Spanish dictionary and see what I could find. The word Fé jumped out at me. It means to believe or have faith. I knew that this would describe perfectly the whole ethos behind the salon and what I stood for. 

3) What is your top beauty tip?

My top beauty tip is to wash the face morning and night and exfoliate regularly. It’s imperative for the health of the skin. It’s amazing how many clients I see who think a disposable wipe will do the job. Also use a high quality face oil twice a week - regardless of your skin type. Massaging an oil into your skin completely transforms the complexion. 

4) Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

I was obsessed with Kevyn Aucoin while studying make up. He was my idol and was THE Make Up Artist of that era. One of my favourite quotes is by him - ‘beauty has a lot to do with character.’ I think he definitely started the whole celebrity make up artist trend. 

5) The salon has a very spiritual feel, what inspired this?

My mother is an incredibly spiritual person and I grew up knowing that spirit would be more important in my life than religion. The energy and feel of the salon space is incredibly strong, clients comment on it all the time. We try to raise the energy in the salon to create an escape from negativity and stress outside and I think our colossal Buddhist painting on the wall helps to create a feeling of peace and amity. 

6) What’s your favourite product you sell?

I’m currently obsessed with the Oi range by Davines. It’s natural, ethically sourced, smells divine and honestly does complete wonders for all hair types. It flies off our shelves. I urge everyone to give it a go!

7) If you could give beauty advice to your younger self, what would it be?

I’d tell my younger self to understand the importance of beauty sleep. I’m a real night owl and can at times see how lack of sleep has sometimes wrecked havoc of my overall well being. 

8) What is your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is studying many different subjects. My parents were always worried I was jumping from one subject to another. I’ve completed a foundation course at Central St. Martins, studied film and fashion make up, achieved a degree in interior architecture and have achieved the highest qualification possible in beauty. I was fascinated with all these subjects and I went and learnt them. I’m proud that I didn’t just follow one path of education and now can use all my knowledge together. 

9) Why did you decide to set up shop in Connaught Village

I’ve seen how Connaught Village has changed since I’ve been here and I’m honoured to be part of a community that’s so incredibly rare in London. There’s a real support system around me and now I can’t imagine having the salon in any other part of London. Connaught Village is truly magical! It’s such a warm and friendly neighbourhood and it’s amazing to feel part of such a fantastic community. 

10) What was your plan B?

I was a very naive 26 year old who didn’t have a plan B when I first opened the salon. I thought it’s just a salon how hard can it be! The space was available and it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I wake up thinking about the salon and go to sleep thinking about the salon. I give it my absolute all and now I can’t imagine not being here. I adore our clients and the phenomenal team at the salon. I honestly can’t imagine life without these incredible people around me, so my plan B will start when I’m too old to carry on. 

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We catch up with Salon owner, Samira to pick her beauty brains and to find out her top beauty tips, beauty background and why she loves Connaught Village...