What's happening in the Art scene of Connaught Village right now?

Robot Painting at Rob and Nick Carter

Over the past few weeks Rob and Nick Carter have been able to start operations again, remotely behind closed doors, taking private commissions for the robot to paint.
In many ways it is an ideal project during this pandemic as the genesis for these portraits is simply a photograph, colour or black and white, physical or digital. Collectors have had the time to go through albums with a sense of nostalgia, selecting their favourite image to be painted by their robot whilst they watch from home as the portrait evolves in real time via webcam.

Private commissions are painted in the style and aesthetic they have evolved over the last three years and follow on from their series of Artist Portraits painted by their robot.

All the paintings are square in format, consciously referencing portrait photographers’ use of medium format cameras with black and white film. Rob and Nick are creating paintings with a very narrow depth of field with over half the brush strokes focused on the eyes, nose and mouth, similar in effect to a photographer shooting with a very wide aperture.

For more information on private portrait commissions
please email studio@robandnick.com

Click here for more infomation and to see more of the current collection

Discover the Dorothy Circus Gallery Six Senses Concept Store

Conceived in 2017, the Six Senses Concept Store by Dorothy Circus Gallery has been thoughtfully developed in London to offer a multi-sensorial gallery experience, where the spectator is embraced by a waltz of scents,  visuals,  tastes,  and  sounds.  Not only the five senses - taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound – but also a sixth sense,perception, becomes part of the viewer’s path through the gallery’s rooms, stimulated in his/her journey through the art circus.

The project began in 2016 with the production of Palpitation, a memorial perfume dedicated to Maddalena Di Giacomo founder of Dorothy Circus Gallery. This limited edition Fragrance, inspired by Ray Caesar’s masterpiece and produced  in collaboration with the  Venetian master perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, represents the beginning of an explorative journey through and towards seemingly distant dimensions that remain however close to our daily experience and perception. 

Tales From The Colony Rooms: Art and Bohemia by Dellasposa

Tales from the Colony Rooms recounts the genesis of the modern and contemporary art scene that was cultivated by the artists who passed through the doors of the Colony Rooms, the infamous private members club for artists and writers in London.  The exhibition presents works of art by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, R. B. Kitaj, F. N. Souza, Frank Auerbach, John Deakin, Daniel Farson, Nina Hamnett, Isabel Rawsthorne, Michael Clark, Sir Peter Blake, Eduardo Paolozzi, Patrick Caulfield, Darren Coffield, Daniel Chadwick, Langlands and Bell, Amelia Troubridge, Alyson Hunter, David Bailey, and more.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the official release of the book, Tales from the Colony: Soho's Last Bohemia, by Darren Coffield. The book is an oral history, composed of previously unpublished and long-lost interviews with many of the protagonists and artists who were central to the bohemian art scene; giving the reader a real flavour of what it was like to frequent the Colony Rooms.

To get your hands on a copy of 'Tales from the Colony' click here.

Art in Aid by Dellasposa

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Dellasposa Gallery is raising funds for NHS Charities Together to support NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.

To raise funds, they are releasing a series of small artworks by Alexander James Hamilton. Each piece is a unique photograph mounted to a copper plate and hand-varnished by the artist. All works are related to the series Swarm and Transparency of a Dream. The butterfly represents change, rebirth, and transcendence. 

Help them raise funds for NHS Charities Together.

Bourlet Young Masters competition

Bourlet Frames launched an amazing competition to help raise money for Cavell Nurses Trust. Children could create a piece of art, take a picture and email it to them in order to win a fantastic prize. 
Winner: Charlotte Gervis age 11
For her still life painting of hydrangeas, dried berries and a pomegranate.
58 x 42 cm


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What's happening in the Art scene of Connaught Village right now?