Dellasposa - Partners in Life and Work

It has been a whirlwind four years since Julian and Jessica Phillimore launched Dellasposa Gallery, an art gallery and platform specialising in contemporary art, Modern Masters and art advisory. From finding and establishing bricks and mortar presence in bustling Bayswater, near Hyde Park, in 2018 to running artistic salons, events and exhibitions, and even tying the knot this month, the couple truly puts the ‘art’ in ‘partners’ - both in life and in work. 

When you listen to Julian and Jessica recounting their journey towards the launch of Dellasposa Gallery, it is clear that their objective was to open the art world to the mainstream. The gallery’s co-Founders have positioned themselves as mediators between their dynamic stable of artists and the audiences they captivate, challenging the prejudices and celebrating the individualities of both. By showcasing the work of many different artistic voices in the Dellasposa Gallery itself and at internationally renowned art fairs, Jessica tells me that she and Julian are “doing their damnedest” to affect change in an industry that has as yet to fully examine and confront its inherent intersectional issues. 

The art world has taken a huge hit from the government-enforced lockdown but now, as the pair are met with new challenges and opportunities in the wake of Covid-19, they will be using their gallery as a force for creative and artistic expression through new and exciting initiatives.  “Culture is created in a gallery, not just in the artist’s studio,” says Jessica Phillimore. “The culture created within a gallery is not only between the artworks hung alongside each other in discourse, but also in the people that come and view the work. That the gallery has seen fewer visitors, but we are so thrilled with the reception of our online viewing room and our digital engagement.” 

Jessica sees the modern gallery concept in a more relaxed, informal light; a friendly symposium, whether physical or online, rather than a cold, intimidating, cavity amongst the bustling cafés and restaurants of London. With this in mind, the latter half of 2020 will see Jessica and Julian continue to champion the art world against the odds, helming their gallery through the currents of the new normal. 


Jessica and Julian feel immense responsibility to be responsive to the world and culture at large, they undertake projects that help others. The urgency of the pleas from the NHS has been keenly felt by many, and Jessica and Julian are far from exempt. In response to the spread of the virus, Dellasposa is raising funds for NHS Charities Together to support NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients. Customers will be able to purchase a series of small artworks by Alexander James Hamilton, 25% of the profits going to the charity. Jessica Phillimore says, “It dawned upon me as I was opening the gallery that I’m acutely aware as a business owner and gallerist that I do have a responsibility. Now, in the face of the current crisis, we are taking a stand on this new and unprecedented issue. We are just two people, but if we can make a difference, we will try our hardest to.”  We also work hard on readdressing the imbalance of representation in the art world by highlighting the achievements of women artists, and artists from other minority groups that need a greater voice and presence in our culture. 


The art world has found itself adapting quickly to the demands of the new normal. It has proven to be completely organic, and like the seasons, has shifted to meet the turning of the world, even if the world is turned on its head. With this in mind, Dellasposa has launched an online viewing room, a digital exhibition space where visitors to the website can explore and collect works from curated online exhibitions. Jessica says, “The art world as we know it is evaporating into pixels; our most revered paintings, pastels, collages, sculptures, settling onto the screens of digital viewers around the globe.” 


Of the variety of artworks available to purchase on Dellasposa’s website, the gallery has also launched, EDITIONS, offering art lovers the opportunity to add to, or start, their own collections with a range of striking prints. “Spending more time at home has certainly ignited a refreshed love of the arts within the home space,” says Jessica, adding, “As a nation, we have suddenly developed a keen awareness of our bare walls and are looking to art galleries, specialists and curators to help to fill this space, giving our homes a sense of personality.” The EDITIONS collection of prints provides the perfect opportunity to purchase prints of blue-chip artists’ work at very competitive prices, including that of Tracey Emin, Dean Fox, Tahnee Lonsdale, Alicia Paz, and Cleon Paterson.


The next milestone for Dellasposa is its first physical exhibition since the lockdown was imposed. Although the gallery has been open by appointment in recent weeks, Julian and Jessica hope to welcome more visitors in safely as the lockdown measures ease to help celebrate the launch of Tales from the Colony Rooms: Art and Bohemia (15th September - 18th December). The group exhibition, featuring the work of some of the 20th century’s most highly regarded artists will be a journey through post-war Soho as the gallery itself is transformed into the infamous private members club for the intelligentsia and socialites of mid-Century London, honouring the tenth anniversary of its closure. 

As Dellasposa Gallery moves into its new chapter in the wake of the pandemic, so do Jessica and Julian. No matter the form the new art world will take, at the heart of Dellasposa, you will find the warmth of personality, the buzz of conversation, and wholehearted devotion to art, artists and art lovers, on or offline. 

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It has been a whirlwind four years since Julian and Jessica Phillimore launched Dellasposa Gallery, an art gallery and platform specialising in contemporary art, Modern Masters and art advisory.