The Greenhouse comes to Connaught Village   

25, Porchester Place - Connaught Village 

" The greenhouse symbolised one of our principle interests and core themes in our work, the spirit and soul of horticulture" Heywood

Heywood and Condie's The Greenhouse (2015) is constructed from salvaged 18th and 19th Century stained glass. The artists reconfigured the original Christian imagery to create part animal/ part plant/ part insect beings inhabiting a primitive world of chimeras, mythical creatures and folkloric hybrids. Once inside, the greenhouse's function as a sanctuary and space for introspection is magnified, the world of stained glass chimeras reflected endlessly in its infinity floor. It is a place to contemplate the symbols and patterns that humans have used to celebrate the cycle of life, and to transcend the everyday. 



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The Greenhouse comes to Connaught Village